Welcome to stereoscopic 3d world of amazing photos and videos

Hi there! My name is Anton, and i bring you some stereoscopic 3d photos and 3d videos of Spain.

There is a lot of beautiful things in this wonderful country. I living here from year 2002, and still exploring more and more amazing things, like curious buildings and natural places…

I think this is one of those countries which is never been surprise you even if you came to same city. You will always find something you never seen before! And this is amazing!

Some times I envy to new visitors of Spain because when you live in some place like Spain you just stop feeling those greatest things what is always around you. So may be i need to live in another country some time to forget the Spain… I dont know… Or may be its just a nature of humans… they never appreciate what they already have…

So if you like stereoscopic 3d footage, or just curious what is it looks like to see something “in deept”, side by side, you welcome!

Enjoy! Soon i put here my stereoscopic 3d photos and videos from Spain and from other European countries, like Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and so on.

I hope you´ll like it and you subscribe to my YouTube channel, Google Plus and Facebook to follow my new strange hobby, to do footage in 3d.


If you dont like this 3d or cant see 3d or whatever, you also can use the 2d normal mode to see the videos

You need just go to options of video you like and deactivate the 3d like this: http://joxi.ru/Grqe8LVc8018rz.jpg

deactivate the youtube 3d

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