How to synchronize and align stereoscopic video with Magix Movie Edit Pro

With such cool program as  Magix Movie Edit Pro its pretty easy to synchronize and align stereoscopic video.

MAGIX Software

I show you how:

The whole process is simple:

After you add video of both cameras in time line and select it do this:

Then to that:

Here you can see the final result of adjustments:

Some times you need to find the good position in video to use auto align for better result to start manual correction.

Also before all i prefer use plugin Deshaker with VirtualDub Batch Assistant, from no its best stabilized plugin for VirtualDub i ever seen! And its FREE! =)

Samsung Gear Vr 4d attraction in Barcelona

Samsung make Gear Vr 4d attraction in Barcelona… Great idea but bad realization… It was maded with Last Gear VR and samsung s6… bad… may be its only me, and my eyes… but i cant focus well and the pixels are very big… but every one who have small face and small distance between eyes probably will enjoy this… But i am not.

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Oculus rift vs VR headset and your mobile

When i watched some 3d Oclulus Rift videos on youtube i wonder if i cold to run this and watch this in my pc, so i asked some peoples and

I wold like to know, is it possible to run thous demos just fine downloading it from oculus download sections.

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Welcome to stereoscopic 3d world of amazing photos and videos

Hi there! My name is Anton, and i bring you some stereoscopic 3d photos and 3d videos of Spain.

There is a lot of beautiful things in this wonderful country. I living here from year 2002, and still exploring more and more amazing things, like curious buildings and natural places…

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