Samsung Gear Vr 4d attraction in Barcelona

Samsung make Gear Vr 4d attraction in Barcelona… Great idea but bad realization… It was maded with Last Gear VR and samsung s6… bad… may be its only me, and my eyes… but i cant focus well and the pixels are very big… but every one who have small face and small distance between eyes probably will enjoy this… But i am not.


I am enjoy more using my VR BOX and Xiaomi mi4c this phone have great FHD screen and 441 ppi… probably its just my personal impression but i was disappointed… so many videos about how cool is a quality of the image in samsung… and the immersive of VR especial in Gear Vr… so for me its not. I will not recommend to no one to buy the Gear VR and samsung s6 for try the VR experience. The only software its cool… because to many features and apps for samsung devices only.



I hope it will be fixed in the future and thy will add the possibility to adjust the distance between the eyes and use another phones in his devices.


Here is a video in stereoscopic 3d of this event.

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